Via Mariae Pilgrimage

Travel Details

Ageless fun
Level: medium
Travel time: 8 days
Confort: BB
Price: 360 EUR/p (> 6 p)
Self guided: 360 EUR/p
Extra days: 40 EUR/p/d
Flight: exclusive
Group size: 6 - 16 people
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Seklerland’s most favorite “El Camino” is the “Via Mariae” Pilgrimage, the way of the holy Mary. Is the place where you arrive with the burdens of the soul and where you can free yourself of them peacefully? Is the place where the miracles happens and the peace of the soul just simply fill you without words?

This trip is also available for individual travelers starting from 2 persons.

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Are you busy nowadays searching for the meaning of life? Then the Via Mariae Pilgrimage is the way where miracles happens. Walking on this path the peace of the soul just simply fill you without words.

Mary’s Way builds a connection in the East-West direction between the Austrian Mariazell, Budapest and Csíksomlyó, and in the North – South direction between Czestochowa, Budapest, and Medjugorje. The way draws a large cross upon the map of Central Europe (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, and Bosnia) and creates a traditional pilgrimage network, similar to the famous El Camino

“We all are pilgrims, on a way out of nowhere to the infinite. You were born, you start with the power of the untamed mountain stream, running and staring curiously at everything in wonderment.” (P. Böjte Csaba)

Special features:

Available: April – November
Duration of trip: 9 days
Activity level: High
Group size: min 2 – max 18 people
Keywords: active tourism, pilgrimage, spiritual tour, back to the nature, hiking, walking

During this trip you will break away from your daily routine. Connecting with nature and local people will give you different perspective of everyday life. The pleasant tiredness arising from the physical achievement will place the world into a new dimension.

Lugagge transportation: during the trip the host will take care of your lugagge transportation. You will walk only with a small backpack with your lunch package, and water surpley.

Sightseeing in the cities of Sibiu and Targu Mures will enrich your experience.

Each night you will stay in cozy local quest houses and tents on top of the Chair of God. Tasting traditional food in different local restaurants you will become acquainted with the Transylvanian cuisine.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival to Tirgu Mures – accomodation in Marosszentgyörgy

You will be welcomed by a representative of Travel2Transylvania, who will show you the sights of the town. You could admire the characteristics of Transylvanian secession style both in the enterior and exterior architecture at remarkable Palace of Culture, in the vivid city centre. With outstanding stained-glass, mirror room, concert hall, historical museum, paintings galleries, rich ornaments, perfect details are witnessing from great wealth and high artistic level. This evening will be as magnificient as the seen masterpieces during the sightseeing, you could enjoy the “Sangeorgiu de Mures Salt Water Resort”. The salt water has a cleansing effect, it helps to get rid of stress and negative energies. It will be good for relaxing and preparing yourself physically and mentally for a week-long pilgrimage by foot.

Day 2: From Marosszentgyörgy to Jobbágyfalva / 20 km – 6 hours

After a lively and splendid day the first day of pilgrimage will be a sharp contrast, where you will be attuned to the route, renouncing the convinience and crossing your own borders. You will hike through rural paths, next to local farms on charming streets. Your way passes by green meadows with thousand wild flowers and woods. Transylvania has the largest biodiversity in Europe: 300 species/sqm. From top of the hills you will see traditional villages where you are going to traverse in the following days. If you will be quiet enough you have chance to see some deers or other wild animals. This day will end in the pictoresque Valley of Fairy Ilona, where is not needed to hear a fairy tale to fall asleep. gh quality, pure spring water passing along a silver vein. Zamoxis, the Supreme God of the Dacians might have also drunk this water?

Day 3: Mysterious area: White Faces Fortress

Today we will visit the White Faces Fortress, the residence of priestesses. We are going to hike through the forest, where the paths mysteriously show the events of the past. According to the legends those who do not have the right faith won’t be able to go through the forest to see the sacred area. Will you face the challenge? This walk is a nice spiritual exercise for everyone. Based on what you have seen about the remains of the Dacian civilization it will become obvious that their level of living and spirituality were similar to that of the Maya’s or Egyption’s.

Day 4: Sibiu (Hermannstadt) – Sightseeing

Let’s go back to the medieval period! Today we will visit Sibiu, one of the main cultural and commercial centres of the Transylvanian Saxons. The culture and the history of Sibiu are as rich as its sights: fortresses, castles, churches, museums and monumental buildings take the tourists back in time. The town presents itself as a true cultural and touristic capital of Transylvania, appealing to the tourists due to its medieval charm, its local gastronomy and traditions and the breathtaking surroundings. After spending 3 days in the dead ruined cities, let us enjoy the pulse of this lively city.

Day 5: The birthplace of Saint Germain

After two days of city tour, we are going to visit a very special ruin: the birthplace of the great alchemist and legendary spiritual master of the ancient wisdom, Saint Germain. He was born as the son of Ferenc Rakoczi II, the Prince of Transylvania and was known as Master Rakoczi (alias Rakoczi Lipot Lajos Gyorgy Jozsef Antal). “A man who knows everything and who never dies”, Voltaire said about him. The Gurghiu castle was built on top of a 500 m high volcanic hill, and served as favourite residence of the principles of Transylvania. The old castle is nowadays an exciting ruin, with many underground tunnels. At the foot of the hill the Bornemissza Castle and arboretum – built at the end of the 18th century – are still in authentic shape and will be completely restored with EU funding.

Day 6: The Chair of God

Taking the spiritual heritage of our ancestors with us, let’s get out to the nature, to see high mountains and endless green forests! We climb on the Chair of God that is at 1381 meters above sea-level. The high andesite rocks rise vertically from a ravine of terrible depth, and if you have the courage to look down, you truly feel like a God, sitting above the wide world. You will understand why this mountain peak was chosen by Transylvanian Shamans for rituals. It is a challenging hiking, but when reaching the peak, everybody will feel happy and relaxed not remembering the exhausting journey. In this magical place we are going to spend the night in tents. We welcome the sunset at a camp-fire and will listen to Shaman-Drum ritual with locals. It’s worth it to get up before Sunrise, because that glorious view is indescribable.

Day 7: Relaxing day in Targu-Mures

Today is the last day of the tour and we are back to the civilization. The wild camping in nature will be replaced by a comfortable hotel where you can relax or refresh yourself for the tour of the city. Here, we will admire the remarkable Culture Palace that carries the characteristics of the Transylvanian secession architectural style. Its outstanding stained-glass, mirror room, concert hall, historical museum, painting galleries, rich ornaments, all the perfect details witness the wealth and high artistic level of its builders. During a great lunch we can share our good and challenging experiences from the trip. Later everyone can relax and get ready to fly home.

Day 8: Departure day