“Valentine” in Yurts

Travel Details

Ageless fun
Level: relax
Travel time: 8 days
Confort: Yurt
Price: 320 EUR/p (> 6 p)
Self-guided not available.
Extra days: 50 EUR/p/d
Flight: exclusive
Group size: 6 - 16 people
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Valentine’s Day in the Mongol way! Extraordinary Valentine’s day at the Nomad Camping of Middle-East Europe. Special offers: royal welcome with traditional Mongol drinks, cultural programs, massage and salty warm water spa, romantic dinner under candlelight, sledging by snowy weather and our special Valentine day surprise party!

Valentine’s Day in the Mongolian way!

You may find here something really special and unforgettable for you and your loved one. You will be inspired and surprised by the oriental pure space and habitat. Take a chance on a extraordinary and unique Valentine’s break at the greatest Nomad Camping of Middle-East Europe.

Take advantage of our special offers: a royal welcome with traditional Mongol drinks, delicious meals, cultural program, beauty arrangement, massage and wellness with salty warm water spa, romantic dinner under candlelight, sledging by snowy weather, and of course our special Valentine’s day surprise party!

The legends of the Mongolian mythology happens here and they may start with you as well. Celebrate love in the Mongolian way!

Special features of the holiday:

Available: February the 12rd – February the 16th

Duration of trip: 5 nights, 5 days

Activity level: low

Group size: 8 person

Keywords: yurt, city tour, culture, history, lifestyle, legend, Mongol, love Valentine’s day

During this trip you will – (USP’s ) have the chance to enjoy and celebrate love on Valentine’s day on a unique Mongolian habitat and you may also have the chance to get an insight in the Transylvanian cultural and historic heritage.

Day by day descriptions:

Day 1: Arrival / February 12

You will be picked up from the airport by the representative of Travel2Transylvania.

Day 2: Cluj Napoca, Bonchida castle / February 13

The programme will be introduced after a nice breakfast. After a short sightseeing in Cluj Napoca, we will be visiting Bonchida Banffy Castle. The beautiful middle age monument was build by the Banffy family in the XVII. Century, and several times has been restored in Renaissance and later in Baroque style. The Castle of Bonchida is now being restored as a cultural centre. An apartment is being prepared for the use of the Count’ s family.

Then we will head to the Mongol yurt Centre, where the hosts will be waiting for you with traditional Mongol drinks and warm dinner. After dinner you will be shown to the yurts.

Day 3: Valentine adventure with surprises / February 14

Valentine’s day Breakfast in bed. Later you will leave to Sovata where you will have a great time in the warm salty spa. There you can have a beauty arrangement. (optional- not included in the price). You can also try out the legendary outdoor hot tube spa which will pre-energise you for the upcoming surprises and party.

After a late lunch will start the Valentine’s day Surprise Party.

Be aware, there will be loads of surprises!!!

Day 4: Sledge, horses and more / February 15

This day we’ll take a refreshing tour in the Carpathians Mountain by a sledge with horses. If it’s not snowing we’ll take a trip with horses and carriage. After lunch everybody is invited for a warm and salty spa in a special Mongol environment. The salty water is high concentrated and has healing effect. The water contains herbs like: thyme, nettle, pine-cone and others. You’ll feel relaxed and energised. You may use our infra-red and Finnish sauna. The wellness programme will be complete with a candle light supper. The evening will end with warm drinks, dessert brought in your yurts. There is also a massage service -not included-.

Day 5: Departure day / February 16

Early in the morning we leave to Cluj-Napoca airport.

The flight is at 6:10 am from Cluj-Napoca International airport to London.

Accommodation in Authentic Mongol yurts

The yurt:  is more than just a practical house, it has a pice of magic-scent of the orient.

For centuries the yurt has been the home of the wandering nomadic tribes from Asia. Living and sleeping in a yurt is a unique experience for everyone, especially for those who are living in stressful cities. The inner division bears sacral signs. Due to its unique structure it locks out the negative energies. The experience of thousands of years proved that the yurt’s inner space, made of natural materials, has a beneficial long term effect to human body. Since the house always breathes, the air is constantly refreshed. Sleeping in a yurt and being in a clean, healthy environment provides significant recreational effects. The yurts of high standard with authentic painted Mongol furniture will assure you all the comfort you need. Our hospitable staff and English speaking guide will assure you an unforgettable time in Transylvania.