Hidden history & caves

Travel Details

Ageless fun
Level: medium
Travel time: 10 days
Confort: alpine
Price: 560 EUR/p (> 6 p)
Self-guided not available.
Extra days: 50 EUR/p/d
Flight: exclusive
Group size: 6 - 16 people
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What is history? It began and ends at a glimpse of an eye. The caves of Transylvania holds and reveals the fire of the soul, the whispers of the earth. A step in a hidden Transylvanian cave is a step in a hidden, forgotten history.

This trip is also available for individual travelers starting from 2 persons.

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This itinerary is suitable for people who have a passion for ancient civilizations, nature and mysterious caves. High in the Carpathians, unknown to most tourists, the ruin cities are waiting to be discovered. The route passes through quiet forests, deep valleys, mountains with beautiful cliffs, crystal clear streams. Your effort is often rewarded at the 2000 year old sun temples: you get a timeless feel, deep rest and wonder: who were the Dacians? Once back in “our time”, the route takes us to a beautiful area, the “Apuseni” Mountains. While walking we will explore the picturesque villages and mysterious caves. Wooden houses with roofs made of branches from pine trees, women blowing on an alpine horn, and the unparalleled hospitality of the people will leave an unforgettable impression.

Specifications of the trip:

Who: group: with guide 19 until May 29

Individual travel: 19 May to 30 September

Travel time: 11 days

Level: medium

Group size: minimum 6 – maximum 16 participants

Keywords: nature-culture

During this trip you can: discover the beautiful nature and some historical background of the old Romania, nature walks in thebreathtakingly beautiful countryside, visiting caves.


Day 1: Arrival in Cluj-Napoca and overnight stay
Day 2: Turda, Alba Iulia, Geoagiu Bai
Day 3: High fortress of Deva
Day 4 4: Hunedoara and Ulpia Traiana
Day 5: Ruin Cities in the Carpathians
Day 6: Apuseni mountains
Day 7: Route through the mountains of Geogiu bai to Chiscau
Day 8: Nature walks and caves. Chiscau Pestera Ursilor
Day 9: The Western Carpathians and the Festival of Love on Mount Gaina.
Day 10: Departure day