Herbs & Hiking

Travel Details

Ageless fun
Level: medium
Travel time: 8 days
Confort: BB
Price: 420 EUR/p (> 6 p)
Self-guided not available.
Extra days: 50 EUR/p/d
Flight: exclusive
Group size: 6 - 16 people
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Herbs are one of the most treasured gifts of Mother Earth. Discovering their medical, healing power through a pleasant hike, will redefine the perception of beauty of the human body and soul. Nature’s harmony will touch your thoughts with the scent of happiness.

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Hike with us and personalize your own medical herb package just like our ancestors did! How many times have you realized during a hike that plants and trees are really whispering and talking to you, just like they talk to each other? Every little plant, herb, tree or leaf has a healing power, a medical feature which was known by our ancestors so well. They have prepared their own medicine and they knew because of that how to really cherish the gifts and powers of nature. Hike with us and we can guide you trough the magical world of herbs and you will be able to  recognize and use the presents of mother nature, the medical herbs and their healing powers.

Special features of the holiday:

Available: from May to September
Duration of trip: 8 days
Activity level: active
Group size: min 6 – max 16 people
Keywords: Transylvania, herbs, tea, picking, hiking, collecting, healing, plants.
During this trip you will: learn basic orientation in the free nature and you will also learn the collection- and preparation methods of medical herbs, plants. Transylvania has the largest biodiversity in Europe: 300 species/sqm.

Day by day descriptions:

Changes regarding the program can be made due to weather and / other conditions.

Have an active Holiday in Transylvania: hike, walk, collect medicinal herbs!

Day 1: Arrival day / Cluj-Napoca and transfer to location

You will be welcomed by a representative of Travel2Trasylvania. With a comfortable minibus and a Dutch or English speaking guide we will travel to the spa Praid, which is 165 km away. Along the ride, you will be introduced briefly into the marvelous history and habitat of Transylvania. During this short trip we will stop once to stretch our legs and grab a bite to eat.

Day 2: The Salt Field , the nature reserve ” Salt Valley “

The Salt Field got its name from the largest salt crystal block of Europe, 2500m deep and tens of kilometers wide. This area has a unique beauty and natural wealth by the salt water and mineral springs, salt lakes, the gleaming white salt rocks, pitch-black beneficial salt mud, fossils and rare crystals, one of the particularly rich vegetation and rare plant species. You can also try the healing properties of natural salty water and healing mud.

Day 3: Visit the Salt Mines and free program at Sovata

The history of the salt goes back to the time of the Romans. Deep beneath the Earth enters a wondrous world. It is a true underground labyrinth, with lots of entertainment for everyone. The temperature is always 14¬įC, and the salty air has healing effects for various disorders of the airways, such as asthma and bronchitis.
At Sovata spa in the afternoon you can have a bath in the heliothermic Bear Lake. Heliothermic means that the Sun is heating the water of the lake, which is salty, but in the surface there is a thin layer of freshwater that doesn’t let out the warm. There are some other salty lakes, where you can put in a mud mask for free. You can also take a walk in the forests, where are beautiful paths among the green vegetation and salt rocks.

Day 4: Fairy tale Journey to the remote village Siklod

In the morning we walk together through valleys and hills to the village Siklod (about 4.5 hours walk). Siklod is a village where time seems to stand still for about 100 years. This place is a beautiful example for people who want to get an insight look into the possibility of living sustainability and a self-sufficient life. We have so much to learn from people whom knows and live with dignity by the way of our ancestors.

Day 5: Fairy tale Journey to the remote village Siklod

The next day in Siklod we will rest our legs after the long hike from the previous day. After a delicious breakfast we will take a walk in the village and will discover the unique architectural symbols of the old porches and much more. Together with our host and guide, we will also visit a few local institutions: a tiny village museum of an old peasant woman, beautiful orchards and gardens. Walking on the winding streets we get acquainted with the village: its beautiful old houses and friendly people.

Day 6: Fairy tale Journey to the remote village Siklod

As all stories have an end, the story of our journey in Siklod village will end today. We will have to walk back to Praid. To get back there are two ways walking, and for those who wants to save the legs can ride a horse or travel by carriage.

Day 7: Herbs sorting and tea blends

Today we sort the fragrant herbs. We learn to make tea for the treatment of influenza, cough, abdominal pain and purifying the digestive system or for more harmony, peace and happiness. Herbal blends can be personalized according to your taste and needs.
The afternoon programs are optional: 1. round trip in Korond by carriage and visiting handy craft workshops
2. or visit the Museum of Aragonite and the valley of “Csigadomb”(The valley of snails).
In the evening there will be a gathering, a farewell party with campfire and tasty Transylvanian Goulash, which you will definitely remember for a lifetime.

Day 8: Departure day

Everybody knows that this is the day when we have to put an end to this beautiful journey. In spite of it we know that at the end of this journey we will have a pocket full of memories, stories to tell and to spread the word that every medical plant and herb do really have the power of healing, we just have to speak their language.

Price: 420 euro pp
Price includes:
– All accommodation in simple but comfortable accommodation
– Breakfast and dinner
– During the breakfast you can prepare your own sandwiches for lunch
– Experienced mountain guide and herbalist
Price excludes:
– Travel from your home to Transylvania.
– Transfer from airport to destination.