Healing Fields

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Ageless fun
Level: medium
Travel time: 8 days
Confort: 2- 4* Hotels
Price: 590 EUR/p (> 6 p)
Self guided: 580 EUR/p
Extra days: 50 EUR/p/d
Flight: exclusive
Group size: 6 - 16 people
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KevÀÀn 2016 kylpylÀretki kulkee ItÀ- ja LÀnsi-Transilvaniassa, jossa matkustamme ihailemaan ja nauttimaan alueen uusista hoito- ja wellness-kylpylöistÀ. 10 pÀivÀn kiertomatkan aikana pÀÀsemme tutustumaan EtelÀ-Transilvanian kahteen vaikuttavaan keskiaikaiseen saksalaiskaupunkiin Brasoviin, ja entiseen EU:n kulttuuripÀÀkaupunkiin, Sibiuun. Matkamme loppuu Unkarin tunnettuun kulttuuripÀÀkaupunkiin Budapestiin, jossa osallistumme kaupungin jÀnnittÀvÀÀn kiertoajeluun, kÀymme kylpylÀssÀ ja pÀivÀn lopussa nautimme mustalais-orkesterin musiikista kaupungin tunnelmallisessa ravintolassa.

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Special features:

Available: May – September
Duration of trip: 8 days
Activity level: medium
Group size: min 6 – max 18 people
Keywords: Transylvania, Spa, back to the nature, natural spa, hiking, nomad experience, mineral- and salt water spas, mofetta, luxury wellness centre
During this trip you will: see mineral water geyzers, hike in fairy tale green valleys and mountains, experience the healing power of Transylvanian mineral water by splashing in a traditional local spa.

Daily Schedule:

Changes regarding the program can be made due to weather and other conditions.

Day 1: Arrival from your homeland to Transylvania

A relaxing evening in the luxury “Sangeorgiu de Mures” Salt Water Resort
Transylvania has so many different faces. This is why we can offer you ‘back to basic’ natural spa and high quality resort experience. To have a first impression, we will start our adventure in a modern wellness centre just 20 km from the airport.

The exceptional mineralization of the waters, which contain iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and nitrates endow these waters with real therapeutic healing qualities. The water has the highest concentration of iodine ions, which improves human longevity.

The salty water has a cleansing effect. It helps you to get rid of stress and negative energies. You also can take advantage of a wide range of relaxation, treatment and body-care services: saunas, Hamman (Turkish bath), salt water pool, jacuzzi, massage.

Day 2: Let`s be a Nomad!

Today, we will move to a Nomad Camp situated in a picturesque valley that hosts an  authentic Mongol Yurt camp. Therefore, everyone will have the opportunity to learn basic Nomad skills. The “Nomad Training” will be a great fun and useful, as everyone will learn skills such as: cutting wood, lighting a fire in an iron stove, and, of course, fishing. The yurts are well furnished with beautiful handmade Mongolian furniture. At the end of the day you can refresh yourself in the sauna or the hot tub, that might be followed by a splash in the mountain stream.  When evening  falls, an amazing river trout dinner awaits for you followed by a glass of Transylvanian vine. Sleeping in an authentic nomad yurt will be an experience to remember for ever.

Day 3: Salt Region Experience

After breakfast we will travel by a narrow gorge steam train to Sovata Spa, that is famous for its salt water lakes. This little town is situated beautifully between green mountains covered by large forests. The ambiance is determined by the cozy villas built in typical Transylvanian style. We will take a long walk through the forest promenades, discovering the hidden lakes and salt rocks where you could take a bath or put on mud musk for free.

After lunch the discovery will continue under the earth. Deep beneath the earth there is a wonderful world. It is a realIy underground labyrinth, with lots of entertainment for everyone. The salty air has healing effects especially for respiratory illneses. After the evening meal we will sit together around the camp fire on the Nomad Camp site.

Day 4: The Benefits of Healing Salty Mud and Traditional Local Handicraft

The day starts with a hike on a nature trail to the Salt Canyon that has a unique beauty and natural wealth. The nature trail leads us along salt water springs, gleaming white salt rocks, pitch-black beneficial salty mud, and rare plant species. In the summer, you can try the natural salty water and the healing mud.

A local community leader invites you for a tasty lunch and will have the opportunity to visit a traditional country yard where the Shambala project is evolving. There will be a short workshop that introduces you to the traditional handicrafts specific to the region.

We will continue our trip by bus to Harghita Spa that is a place where everybody finds active recreation: ski slopes, adventure parks, off-road, paint-ball, and wild-watching opportunities present themselves for the adrenaline lovers.

Day 5: Curing with Volcanic Gases, Geyzers and Mineral Water Spa

Have you ever taken a bath in a pool without water? Today you definitely will in the mofetta, with your clothes on. The mofettas actually are volcanic post-activities, where natural healing gases come up, like carbon-dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. Local people are using these treatments for many diseases: rheumatism, arterial-sclerosis, circulation disorder. The results are amazing, without any side-effects. The gases absorbed through the skin intensify blood circulation. You will feel a velvety warmth in your body.

Let’s move further, before it gets too hot under our buttocks! During a panoramic round-trip in the picturesque Szeltersz valley, along the “yellow river”, we will discover geyzers, a special nature reservation and a small thermal water spa. At the end of the day you can enjoy a well-deserved dinner. Feel good, relax in the Japanese tub with warm salty water and let Mother Nature do the rest!

Day 6: City Tour and Spa

After the two day stay in Hargita Spa, today we will cross through the main city of Harghita County, one of the coldest place in our country, inhabited by warm hearted locals. The atmosphere of the promenade is special, with many cozy cafes and restaurants.

On the way to Tusnad spa, we will stop at a natural healing spa, with mofetta, swimming pool and tubs filled with hot healing thermal water. The after effect of the water is calming and makes you pleasantly tired. You will be happy when you arrive to the rustic guest house where you’ll stay for the next two nights. After dinner you may enjoy the  sauna, infrared sauna, steam chamber, salt chamber and relaxation room in the modern wellness centre.

Day 7: Natural Jacuzzies in Middle of the Forest

After breakfast we will take off by minibus driving on spectacular mountain roads with sharp hairpin curves towards Balvanyos Castle and Csiszar spa. It will take us 3 hours to walk through the mountains, alpine pastures with wild flowers and breathtaking landscapes. The forrest hides many wild animals, like the Carpathian brown bear, lynx, fox, wild boars, wolfs, birds of prey and owls.
After a coffee break we will continue our trip to discover the unique mineral-water spa. Many different types of natural mineral water pools come up within a short distance, bubbling like a natural Jacuzzi. Each of them resplendent in different colours and healing features in the middle of forest. The CsiszĂĄr Spa was one of the most visited, famous healing fields in the past. Nowadays, the spa requires renovation. Certain parts are restored by voluntiers.

Day 8: Departure day

All the good things come to an end.

We’ll take the mini bus to the airport driving on the “Mineral water route”. There will be a longer break in Korond, the village famous for its traditional pottery and is the best place to buy Transylvanian souvenirs. In the same village we will visit an active Water Mill operated by an elderly couple, and a very famous restaurant with homemade specialties. From here, we go straight to the Transylvanian  Airport. Cured with the power of nature, refreshed, and full of new experiences, we say good bye!