Travel info

1. Travel document

Romania is part of the European Union, you need only an identity card or passport. These documents need to be valid at least another six months at your arrival in Romania.

2. How to get there?

  1.  By plane: Wizzair has direct flights from Great Britain, Italy, Belgium and Germany to Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.
  2. Combination train & plane: Fly from your homeland to Budapest. From there you can take an international train to one of the main Transylvanian cities.
  3. Flying via Budapest: Wizzair has cheap daily flights from most of major European cities to Budapest. Possibly there are good connections to Cluj-Napoca or Targu-Mures
  4. By train: European railways often give great discounts. With the Fortuna discount you can buy for just 19 euro an international train ticket from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca or Targu-Mures. Please see for more information:  Hungarian railway timetable – Elvira
  5. By bus: Please consult Eurolines & Atlassib Bus companies.
  6. By private car: please consult our travel agency for further travel suggestions.

For only 25 Euro we will gladly help you with booking your trip from your homeland to Transylvania!

3. Money

The Romanian currency is the LEI. In almost every village there is an ATM and exchange offices.

4. Climate

Here the climate is moderate land-climate which is very attractive in sun hours and temperature: also lacks of continuous rain compared to the Western European countries. Summer temperatures are not too extreme that is welcomed by Western European tourists. Winters are in general cold, but not exaggerated with extreme temperatures which means that Central- and Eastern European destinations potentially offer a relatively long and pleasant holiday season from March/April up till October/November and during winter too.

5. Accommodations

Accommodations are available from 3 star hotels to cozy cottages depending on the tour packages. Usually these are en-suit rooms. In some rural cottages you may need to share the bathroom. If you want a single room, please indicate this when you are booking.

6. Medical assistance

European level medical care is available in Transylvania. Please check your European Health Insurance before travel.

7. Internet access

There is public WI-FI access in many public places, coffees and restaurants.