Taste, experience and enjoy the taste of Transylvania!
Name of the source – YouTube: Transylvania – Romania, Apuseni Nature Park – Romania Tourist Office

“Transylvania has so much to teach us… It’s the last corner of Europe where we see true sustainability.”


“And it needs to be preserved, not just for its incredible biodiversity but because it nourishes the soul. To visit Transylvania (part of modern-day Romania) and the Carpathian mountains is to enter a time warp. It’s one of the last great wildernesses in Europe, where bears, wolves and lynx roam a medieval land in which farmers and shepherds live as they’ve done for hundreds of years. Prince Charles has fallen in love with this place, and so have I.”


Name of the source- YouTube: Prince Charles’s Nature Retreat in Transylvania- CountKalnoky

Explore the land of legends, where you can still see evidence and the magic of ancient civilizations. A fairytale land with traditional villages, medieval towns, fortified churches and castles. Experience a lifestyle in harmony with nature itself. In remote villages, life is still going like hundred years ago. Old traditions are nowadays still live among the inhabitants. The colorful folk dances, the music and the hospitality of the locals will provide an unforgettable experience for the visitor.

Highlights include the beauty of everyday life and the exquisite hospitality of the locals. Surrounded by unspoilt nature and large meadows with thousands wildflowers the feeling of connectedness with each other and with nature. Arts and folk culture and of course the “Palinka” and many other delicacies. Many legends and, of course, the history of Dracula.

Feel, Taste & Experience Transylvania!
We invite you to slow down and make a time travel. Feel, taste and experience the Transylvanian lifestyle. We organize also various tailor-made trips. Our offer is as wide as your imagination. Almost anything is possible: culture, nature, adventure, biking, wild-watching, and hiking on exotic nature reserves or in the mountains. You will be amazed by the beauty of this unique undiscovered part of Europe.