4 rules of drinking herbal tea

The most herbs are used for herbal tea. This may seem like a harmless thing, but it should not be remembered, that herbal teas are like medicines. The best effect of herbal tea works if we use targeted way and we drink the proper quantity of it.

4 basic rules of preparing and drinking herbal tea:

  1.  Use always the quantity specified in the recipe!
  2.  The water temperature should be appropriate (cold, warm, hot, boiling)
  3.  Allow to stand for periods of time according to the recipe (this can be from few minutes up to more hours)
  4.  Drink in the manner prescribed (hot, cold, warm, sips, or spread over during the day)

+1: Try to drink it without sugar, or possibly with honey.

Follow strictly the instructions of making different type of herbal tea in order to feel the right healing power of herbs.

blue thistle

The Nature and we

What does the nature means to you? Do you wonder at the beauty of it?

In former times the relationship between nature and people was more intimate than nowadays.

The ancestors had close connection with the nature, because they lived nearby. They respected the natural environment and adapted to the natural phenomenon to their everyday life.  The previous generations could help themselves in different situations and possessed a wide knowledge about the sustainable life. The healing power of the medicinal plants and spices usually were known by the women. They took care of knowledge about the mysterious power of herbs, and passed the recipes on to their daughters.

Today we can use these treatments if we can getat a treasure chest filled with knowledge about the healing effects of the herbs, and information about when and how is recommended to use the therapy.

We get at the treasure chest and we would like to share the secrets of it in the upcoming posts.