4 rules of drinking herbal tea

The most herbs are used for herbal tea. This may seem like a harmless thing, but it should not be remembered, that herbal teas are like medicines. The best effect of herbal tea works if we use targeted way and we drink the proper quantity of it.

4 basic rules of preparing and drinking herbal tea:

  1.  Use always the quantity specified in the recipe!
  2.  The water temperature should be appropriate (cold, warm, hot, boiling)
  3.  Allow to stand for periods of time according to the recipe (this can be from few minutes up to more hours)
  4.  Drink in the manner prescribed (hot, cold, warm, sips, or spread over during the day)

+1: Try to drink it without sugar, or possibly with honey.

Follow strictly the instructions of making different type of herbal tea in order to feel the right healing power of herbs.

blue thistle

Beauty care with herbs

Our ancestors knew how to heal using natural methods, and theirs beauty were also maintained with natural products. They didn’t use sprays, preservatives and artificial perfumes. Herbs were the basic ingredients of beauty care.

Using tried and tested natural products and traditional herbs aren’t just a trip down memory lane. But we like to put ourselves into the good old times, thereby we can escape from dayly routine, busy and accelerated world.

Let’s discover our body and its own self healing power, which can be supported by simple and natural way.