Our Trips

Characteristics: Our travel offers are focusing on the originality of the destinations: nature, rich history, local people, daily life and traditional cultures. Direct contact with the local people helps you to choose a small local inn furnished in traditional style, or in some cases, you can spend the night at a family house. There is always a possibility to get involved in their daily activities or become acquainted with traditional crafts. For example, a pottery workshop, furniture painting, cooking, herbal tea picking, stringing beads, etc.

Local guides: It is also possible to take a guided walking or cycling tour, depending on the destination. You will have thus many opportunities to get deeper and actively involved in choosing the destination.

Ecological vision: It is Important for us to focus on the environment, not only on healthy fair food, but also on the ecological aspects. Thus the nature experience stays high on our priority list.

Customized tours: In addition to our versatile travel offers, we also offer various customized tours. They are designed to be flexible to meet your lifestyle and interest. Spend some time browsing through our vacation packages and give us a call or e-mail with any questions.

Individual tours:  All our tours are also available as individual trip starting from two persons. Ask for the possibilities. We will answer you within 48 hours.

It does not matter which travel package you choose: holiday travel, group travel, customized tour or individual trip, Travel2Transylvania ensures a special experience in every way.