NATURAL HEALING: Healing with gifts of the nature

Transylvania is rich in thermal and mineral springs with healing power. The locals are living still in oneness with nature. For treatments of diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis or arterial-sclerosis are efficient natural treatments and good specialists available at the numerous spa resorts. Serious diseases such as asthma and bronchitis are successfully treated in the salt mines, specially equipped for treatments. Knowledge of the healing power of herbs is still present. This precious ancient knowledge fits well in a modern sustainable lifestyle.

Would you like to understand the ancient knowledge of the Shamans? During the trip we’ll take time to follow the Shamans’ trace, here on the land of legends and discover how the unseen energies flow through our bodies and spirits. This trip is one of those journeys that takes you to places where the average tourist can never get to.

This trip is also available for individual travelers.

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We go to Transylvania!

Transylvania is still a relatively unknown destination, but definitely worth to visit! It has all the ingredients for a great holiday: nature, adventure and a rich history set in a beautiful, sometimes mysterious, background. Colourful, exotic and yet relatively close. Highlights include the breathtaking landscapes, the beautiful medieval towns and certainly the hospitable people.